History of NORTCOM

Founded in March 2000, NORTCOM S/A specializes in the field of pay TV and broadband, acting nationwide in Brazil and in other Latin American countries including Chile and Argentina.

In a short time, NORTCOM became responsible for the repair and maintenance of more than 1,000,000 cable TV converter boxes, and had sold more than 800,000 replacement remote controls and about 260,000 converter boxes as well as other equipment, which made us the largest company in this field in Bahia and one of the largest in Brazil.

With intelligent, well-structured logistics, NORTCOM has partners in North America and Asia, which makes our company fast and flexible in locating specialized products and importing equipment from these locations.

ISO9001: 2008 certified, our company has a solid technological base, developing methods and processes, with a high capacity for large-scale setup and maintenance of subscriber terminals such as CATV converter boxes, CDMA and DOCSIS cable modems and ADSL modems, able to process about 1,500 units a day when necessary.

NORTCOM’s factory has transmission systems to handle the main technologies used in the field: Motorola, Cisco / Scientific Atlanta and DALVI remote controls for wideband and Transmitter terminals.

Since its founding, the company has dedicated itself to technological innovation, initially working with RF (Radio Frequency) meters and analyzers for Cable and MMDS TV, and eventually equipping most of the operators in the Brazilian market with technologically advanced products that are still in use today.

Initially the company dedicated itself to the Analog Coding Systems for CATV Networks, becoming the first company in Brazil to introduce a new coding technology based on the conversion from analog to digital video signal.


The NORTCOM digital project is based on launching new products, such as the converter box for household Digital TV, the converter for the portable Digital TV, adaptable to personal computers, and digital decoders for CATV and broadband modems, among other products.


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